Shipping Updates and Trends

CANEI is a supplier of high quality recycled materials. We also publish free market insights to help you stay informed of the market situation. Recent highlights in shipping suggest the following trends:

Shipping Container Rates Higher Than Ever

The container crisis is also a reflection of a slowdown in and delays across the maritime supply chain due to strains caused by the pandemic. This includes port labor shortages, port congestion and capacity constraints in inland transport systems. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development says that in the longer term, policymakers need to focus on further reforms in trade facilitation and ports; improved tracking and forecasting; and the strengthening of national competition authorities.

Port Congestion Remains and Prices continue to rise

Ocean Freight Prices Continue to rise, Driving Increases in Engineering and Construction Costs. Engineering and construction costs increased for the seventh consecutive month in May, with reports demonstrating widespread price increases across all shipping costs. Port congestion is increasing and entering a seasonally high demand period as well, meaning tightness will continue over the summer and prices will remain elevated.

As a company, CANEI is proud to boast that it has stopped close to a billion articles of plastics from going into landfills and oceans. CANEI will continue to bring high-quality plastics around the globe and help protect the planet for future generations.  

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