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We take pride in the quality of materials we provide and are proud to have been recognized for our efforts on multiple occasions. CANEI was listed as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada in 2019 and 2020 by Canadian Business and Profit Magazine. Most recently, CANEI was one of Globe & Mail Canada’s Top Growing Companies.

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It is projected that we will have more plastics in the ocean than fish by 2050, which is why CANEI is built on a foundation of stewardship and has made it its personal mission to leave the world a better place. Boosting Recycling around the world is a critical component of ensuring that waste doesn’t end up in landfills and is re-used to preserve our resources.

Who We Are

CANEI is a recycling company that is involved in collection and processing of plastic waste in several countries around the world. We have a presence in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. We’re driven by improvement and growth and stand for Constant And Never Ending Improvement. Less than 10% of plastic gets recycled and CANEI wishes to continue to accelerate recycling around the world. Materials that do not get recycled either get burnt, end up in the landfill or get eaten by fish causing negative impacts to the environment, most of which we are not even aware of.

Crushed plastic bottles heap
Hand of female worker of polymer processing factory with pile of plastic pellets

CANEI has stopped billions of articles of plastics from going into landfills and oceans since founding in 2012. Our global reach and deep expertise in recycling enables us to boost recycling rates in several countries and our aim is to continue to rapidly grow our reach and capabilities over the next few years.

Why Choose CANEI

As one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, we are honoured to have helped companies use millions of pounds of recycled plastic raw materials across the globe. Our international reach begins from our home base in Toronto Canada, all the way to Latin America, Europe, Far East Asia and Africa.

Our main products include PE, PP, PET & PVC and our applications encompass film, blow and injection moulding and thermoforming.

As a high volume operation, we’re able to supply materials at attractive prices from facilities situated in several countries.

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